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Oliver Anthony Bird is a mutant and the husband of Melanie Bird. He was trapped on the Astral Plane for decades until he returned after battling the Shadow King.


Early life

During the 1940s, Oliver inherited the horse ranch that would later come to be known as Summerland. He and Cary Loudermilk were partners in the building of the facility long before the establishment of Division 3. Upon its creation, they began their search for other mutants such as themselves. Oliver was a telepath, and with this ability came access to the Astral Plane, which he took full advantage of by creating his very own kingdom of sorts. However, as time went on, Oliver spent increasingly more time there, resulting in his entrapment within that plane for twenty years [1].

Powers and abilities

  • Telepathy: Oliver is capable of sensing and perceiving information from the minds of others, as well as project his own mind to others. He also managed to detect and read the mind of the Shadow King when the latter's host, David, visited the Astral Plane, without the latters knowledge, although the Shadow King wasn't focusing on masking its presence to Oliver.
    • Astral Projection: Oliver was able to enter the Astral Plane and manipulate it to create himself an ice chamber. His chamber walls could project images like a video screen and allow him to view events happening inside and outside the Astral Plane. He was even shown to be able to manipulate the real world to an extent from the Astral Plane, appearing as a projection to allow Cary and Melanie to move despite time being frozen, as well as using music to form letters in the air to swarm around and shield David and Sydney from bullets. After spending to much time in the Astral Plane, he was unable to leave the on his own, until he was thrown out by the Shadow King.




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