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Mutants are individuals born with superhuman abilities. Their existence is unknown to the general public, but the U.S. government has organizations such as Division 3 that study, capture, and eliminate potential mutant threats. A safe haven for mutants, known as Summerland, was founded by Oliver Bird and Cary Loudermilk.


Oliver Bird and Cary Loudermilk founded Summerland to provide a safe environment for mutants learning how to control their powers. At some point, Summerland came into conflict with Division 3, a government organization tasked with studying and eliminating mutants deemed to be dangerous. When Sydney Barrett switched bodies with David Haller and inadvertently tapped into his powers, Summerland was alerted of his existence and sent a team comprising of Melanie Bird, Ptonomy Wallace, and Kerry Loudermilk to retrieve David. Though they were successful in rescuing David before Division 3 got a hold of him, the effects of Sydney's power wore off and she was revealed to be the mutant they actually rescued [1].

After the real David was captured by Division 3, Sydney and telekinetic mutant Rudy joined the original Summerland team in breaking into the Division 3 facility where David was held. They successfully got David out and took him back to Summerland [1].

Known mutants

† denotes deceased


  • In the comics, the powers of mutants stem from a genetic marker known as the X-Gene, which is located on the 23rd chromosome [2]. It is unknown whether this holds true in the Legion universe.


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