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Lenny Busker was a patient at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital and a friend of David Haller. She was one of the many forms adopted by the Shadow King to manipulate David.


Clockworks Incident

Lenny was close friends with David Haller during their time at Clockworks, acting as his closest confidante. She was with David when he first laid on Sydney Barrett, a new patient at the hospital who David was attracted to. However, on the day Sydney was about to be discharged from Clockworks, David kissed her and subsequently activated Sydney's mutant power of body switching. In David's body, Sydney was unable to cope with all the mental voices she heard as a result of his uncontrolled telepathy. In a panic, she used David's power to seal all the patients at Clockworks in their rooms, causing the doors to disappear as well. This unfortunately resulted in Lenny's demise, as she was only partially phased through the walls. In Sydney's body, David stumbled on Lenny's bloody remains amidst the confusion [1].




  • The character was originally conceived as a middle-aged man, but Legion showrunner Noah Hawley changed the character to fit Plaza after he met her. Plaza portrays Lenny as androgynous (more specifically modeled after David Bowie) because of the character's origins.


  1. Episode: Chapter 1

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