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Lenny Busker was a patient at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital and a friend of David Haller. She was one of the many forms adopted by the Shadow King to manipulate David.


Early life

There is fairly little known of Lenny's early life. She was locked up in Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, where she built a friendship with David Haller some time prior to the start of the series

Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital

Lenny is joined by David as she analyzes the spit and drool that hangs out of another patient's mouth. She comes to the conclusion that the patient's state was a result of yogurt and Klonopin (a drug known to treat seizures and anxiety but can also cause uncontrollable drooling). At that moment, the two of them looked to the staircase, and saw Sydney Barrett, the latest patient at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital. Despite her jitteriness, Sydney had good hair and a nice hindquarters, Lenny remarked. David then snatched Lenny's Twizzlers, hoping to offer Sydney some but the interaction ended poorly, and Lenny confiscated her candy back. With her headphones on and plastic eating utensils in hand, she began to tap on the eating trays and tables of other patients, mimicking the motion of playing the drums.

The following morning, during a group talk session with Dr. Kissinger, Lenny takes a liking to Sydney after her claim that their problems weren't solely in their head, and that they were only in a psychiatric hospital because someone determined they weren't normal. Syd had what the kids called Moxie, Lenny said. In a surprising turn of events, David asks Syd to be his girlfriend, to which she agrees but not without first telling him not to touch her, leaving Lenny to wonder why the hot ones are always so crazy. On the day of Syd's release, Lenny strolls around the rec room in a wheelchair, she sarcastically remarks that David is climbing a mountain when Syd asked of his whereabouts. Before her departure, Lenny races over to tell Syd about a new crispy wafer candy bar she saw on TV with nougat and chocolate, hoping that she could mail it to her once on the outside.

David enters the rec room just in time to see her off, and despite her feelings towards psychical contact, he gives her a kiss, resulting in the two of them being knocked back by some kind of wave of energy. Once David got to his feet, he began screaming as Syd was being pulled away with Lenny at his side, attempting to calm him down. Just then, the lights began to flicker, and there was a huge explosion. The aftermath of the explosion was far worse, it was revealed that all the rooms had been completely sealed with the patients inside, all except Lenny, who had somehow ended up in the wall, thus killing her. Lenny appeared to David shortly after his arrival at his sister's house, and she wondered what it felt like for him to be a woman.

She then noticed the saddened expression on David's face as he looked at her, she comments that killing her was not cool but it was expected since you can't give a newbie a bazooka, and act surprised when she blows shit up. Lenny has accepted her fate. It was better than spending the rest of her life in a hospital, popping pills from a plastic cup. David need not worry about her since he was the one with the problems. People were coming to kill him because they knew what Syd did when she was David. Lenny is then seen joyfully dancing during a musical number throughout Clockwork.[1]





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