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Kerry Loudermilk is a mutant that shares a body with Cary Loudermilk.


Early life

Kerry is the daughter of Ray and Irma Whitecloud. She is the native girl they expected to have upon the discovery of her Irma's pregnancy. However, Irma gave birth to Cary, the skinny white boy that Kerry shares a body with, which left Ray under the impression that his wife had been unfaithful. This resulted in their separation, and Ray's abandonment of the family. It wasn't until eight years later that Kerry would make her presence known, as one morning Cary woke up to find her playing with his train set.

Tracking David

Following a massive explosion at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, Kerry, Ptonomy and Melanie arrived in search of the mutant responsible. Kerry and Ptonomy tracked David down to a payphone outside of the Moor Trust Savings and Bank. They followed him for several blocks, however, he managed to give them the slip within the large crowd of people. Some time after this, they learned of the Division 3 government facility, where David was being held captive until Kerry, Sydney, and Ptonomy arrived, and killed everyone in the immediate area. David then apologized for running from them before as he had no idea what their intentions were with him.

Ptonomy accepted his apology since they liked chasing after people but Kerry corrected him by saying that they liked capturing people. With Melanie awaiting their return, the four of them headed out into the gun fire between Summerland and Division 3. They were joined by Rudy, who laid down cover as Kerry, Sydney, and Ptonomy took out the gun men that charged towards them. They headed down the steps, and reunited with Melanie at the shore.[1]

The group returned to Summerland after rescuing David from the Division 3 facility. Back at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, following the explosion, Kerry, Ptonomy and Melanie retrieved the mutant they believed was responsible for that sudden surge of power. However, they would come to find out that they had intercepted the wrong person. In the vehicle with them was a woman named, Sydney Barrett, not David Haller, who they had missed due to a temporary body swap brought on by Sydney's ability. A couple days later, after bringing David to Summerland, she is seen practicing her hand-to-hand combatant skills on what is commonly known as a Wing Chun Dummy.[2]

Powers and abilities

  • Multiple Bodies: Kerry shares a body with Cary Loudermilk. She mostly lives inside of his body, and only ages when she's outside of it.
    • Sensory Sharing: Kerry and Cary share a connection that allows them feel what the other is experiencing. When Kerry fought multiple opponents and was ultimately overpowered, Cary could feel the pain Kerry was experiencing.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: After waking from her unconscious state, Kerry was able to pass her injuries on to Cary by letting him absorb her, effectively healing herself. However, Cary stated he could not have done this while she was still unconscious, because he would have gone into shock.

  • Expert Martial Artist: Kerry is very proficient in martial arts, being able to hold her own against multiple assailants.




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