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Farouk is a mutant that parasitically attached itself to David Haller's mind after being defeated in a psychic battle with the latter's father. He attempted to gain control of David's body in order to wield his vast array of powers.


Early life

Defeated by David Haller's father in psychic battle, Farouk's consciousness lingered on the Astral Plane in a weakened state. He rooted himself within David's mind as an infant, with the purpose of taking control of his body and using the boy's power to exact revenge on his nemesis [1]. Farouk began manipulating David's memories to weaken his grasp on reality, which would allow him to exert control over David's body over time. The earliest instance of Farouk's influence was him inserting false memories of David and his adoptive sister, Amy Haller, playing with a dog named King. Over the years that followed, Farouk's presence within David's mind caused the latter to develop schizophrenia. This culminated in a suicide attempt that had David admitted into Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital [2].

Farouk began to adopt the form of David's friend Lenny Busker, a Clockworks patient that was killed by Sydney Barrett while she temporarily switched bodies with David and unleashed his power on the hospital [2].

Powers and abilities

  • Astral Projection: Farouk used this power when he battled David Haller's father on the Astral Plane.
  • Possession: Farouk can embed his consciousness within the minds of others, and will only leave by his own volition, or by being removed through Sydney's mind-switching power. Hosts of the Shadow King sometimes manifest yellow eyes when possessed, though others (such as David and Oliver Bird) have normal eyes.
  • Telepathy: Farouk was able to mentally incapacitate Melanie whilst possessing Kerry [3].
  • Telekinesis: Whilst possessing Kerry, Farouk flung Clark aside after he attacked him [3].



  • Farouk/Shadow King made his comic debut in Uncanny X-Men #117 (1979).
  • In the comics, the Shadow King and Farouk are separate entities. The Shadow King is a manifestation of the dark side of human consciousness that possessed Amahl Farouk when his mutant powers first manifested [4]. It was in this form that the Shadow King first battled Professor X and was defeated [5].
  • There is precedent for the Shadow King's possession of David in the comics. He does so in the Muir Island Saga [6][7].
  • Farouk's favorite form is the Angry Boy [3].


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