Division 3 is a United States government organization dedicated to the identification, studying, and, sometimes, elimination of mutant threats.


After inadvertently switching bodies with David Haller, Sydney Barrett accidentally unleashes his power on everyone present at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, trapping all the patients in sealed-off rooms and killing Lenny Busker. This alerts Division 3 of David's existence, but because he is in Sydney's body, he manages to get away safely. Sydney, on the other hand, is rescued by a group opposing Division 3, based in a location known as Summerland. However, when the body switch is undone, the Summerland group learns that they rescued Sydney, not David [1].

Division 3 manages to kidnap David after he flees from two unknown pursuers. He is interrogated by Clark about the incident at Clockworks and the whereabouts of Sydney. During the interrogation, David remembers Clark arriving the day of the incident with the two pursuers, causing his powers to act out from the confusion. After telekinetically throwing everyone present in the room, David is rendered unconscious by gas [1].


Current members

Former members


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