Chapter 5 is the fifth episode of season 1, and the fifth overall episode of Legion. It originally aired on March 8, 2017.


David faces a new threat [1].



Guest Starring


  • Mackenzie Grey as The Eye
  • Brad Mann as Rudy
  • David Ferry as Dr. Kissinger
  • Eugene Wong as The Man In All His Clothes
  • Quinton Boisclair as Devil With The Yellow Eyes
  • Emily Shuttle Worth and Devyn Dalton as Angry Boy
  • Kirby Morrow as Benny


  • Dan Stevens is really playing the banjo in this episode.
  • The yellow triangle on David's shirt when he's in Melanie's studio with Melanie and Syd could be a foreshadowing that it's really the Devil With The Yellow Eyes who is in control of David's body.



  1. Legion - Episode 1.05 - Chapter 5 - Promo

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