"Chapter 16" is the eighth episode of the second season of Legion, and the sixteenth episode overall.[1]


"To Create Fear, hold up a mirror"


Opens with Syd and David pondering how they are going to find Farouk's body without the Monk. Recall that the monk was the only one that we know of, that was privy to the location of Farouk's buried body. Before he killed himself of course. Syd suggests that David could ask future Syd. David, still not on the same page of Future Syd, because she does indeed want him to help Farouk (to prevent the end of the world). But David is still a bit TO'd at Farouk (the shadow king) for sort of killing his life long friend, his sister.

Meanwhile Pytomnomy Wallace, who's body was 'killed' last episode finds his mind is being contacted by Admiral Fukyama. Fukyama gives him a vision and memory of how he came to be. Apparently while in a school of some sort, he was contacted by an agent who warned him of a new breed of humans who were telepathic and could steal secrets and cause havoc among politicians, which would lead to political upheaval and world terror. He tells Fukyama that there needs to be a "secret keeper". Someone who would keep an eye on those with powers. He agree's to 'help' and we're shown montages of heavy duty neuro brain surgery and experimentation done to the 17 year old Fukyama.

Meanwhile Ptonomy devises a scheme to mentally "hijack" one of the Vermillions, and contact David. He tells David that while his body is dead, his mind is alive and preserved. Likewise that he has run into the memory of the Monk. Ptonomy is able to convey to David, with some effort, that Farouk's body is in a place called "Le Desole".

Farouk, using the transport of Oliver's body, is on the hunt for his own body as well. He visits his old caretaker/servant. She is in a retirement/seniors home, but seems to have some sort of clairvoyance, as she can see the true Farouk, and not the image of Oliver's body. Farouk asks her where she took his body. She agree's to show him, if he allows her to experience the "dream". She's referring to dying in the retirement home, and being able to experience a free mind. She references "The Professor" who Farouk tells her, is not here. This may be a reference to Professor Xavier, presumably David's father.

David, using the float tank machine, surmises where "Le Desole" is, and scrambles to put together a plan to get there. After he visits Lenny, still in prison in Division 3. Remember now that David's sister Amy was pretty much mentally grafted (killing her in the process) into Lenny's body. This is made apparent, as David notices that she's fiddling with her hair, in the same way Amy used to do. He seems to peer into her mind to get a mental image of what Le Desole looks like. Immediately afterward, as he's leaving her cell, Carey and Clarke who are both innocently walking down the hall, he immediately erases there memory of having seen him there, leaving them humoursly perplexed.

Meanwhile, late on Syd and Clarke have dinner and Syd reveals to Clarke that David left to do "something" (hunt down and murder someone...) It's revealed that Clarke is actually homosexual, and he tries to help Syd cope with David's... oddities. He reminds her that David is an extremely powerful mutant who could ...oh yea destroy the world if left unchecked. This seems to solidify Syd's feelings, and she declares she's going after him to help him.

David springs his plan to get to Farouk, into action. First releasing Lenny from the cell at division 3. She grabs a motorcycle and is off. Farouk (using Oliver's body) remarks that David is about a "day" behind him. This is in reference to how close they are to Farouk's body.

Syd, paratroopers into Le Desole and gives David an earful about him just running off all willy nilly. To be fair he left a note, but she's not having that nonsense. As they wonder about, John Hamm makes his appearance and gives us an updated and even more harrowing view on the Allegory of the Cave by Plato. Now incorporating this generations sense of narcissism, reliance on social media and the uncanny ability to believe whatever they see online, he melds the shadows in the cave metaphor to people being blinded and seeing what they want to see, or seeing things how others tell them.

After John's enlightening story, David and Syd stumble upon a tent, with the bodies of presumably themselves. (though it's a bit hard to tell since they're literally skeletons...) Syd tells David that she really hopes that he has damn good plan to stopping Farouk...

Our last scene is of Melanie who has been acting very very strange and not herself since Olive came back. She's under the control of Farouk as well, atleast mentally. David who earlier gave a mental command to Clarke in the hall way, who now wakes up to carry it out. It was a command to assist him in finding Farouk. As Clarke sets off to help David, Melanie leaps out of a corridor and knocks him out. We see that it was Farouk's doing. The mental chess games between David and Farouk grows...

Cast and characters

Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Jelly Howie as Vermillion #1
  • Brittney Parker Rose as Vermillion #2
  • Lexa Gluck as Vermillion #3
  • Marc Oka as Admiral Fukyama
  • Nathan Hurd as Monk
  • Jon Hamm as Narrator
  • Sloan Robinson as Hush Woman
  • Ian Teves as Young Fukyama
  • Noah Baron as Young Walter
  • Sean Heyman as Doctor
  • Lavelle Roby as The Driver
  • Hollie Stenson as Older Woman


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