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Amy Haller is the adoptive sister of David Haller who is caught in the war between mutants and Division 3.


Early life

As a young girl, Amy witnessed her parents accepting an infant boy into their home from an unknown man. The boy, named David, was raised alongside Amy as her younger brother, though Amy and her parents withheld the fact that he was adopted. At some point in her life, Amy married a man named Ben. After David was admitted into Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital because of a suicide attempt, Amy would regularly visit him, assuring David that he would get better [1].

Division 3

On Halloween night, David showed up at her house claiming that he was released early from the hospital. Amy gave him a place to stay until he could find his feet again. However, after David was kidnapped by Division 3, Amy went looking for her brother at Clockworks. There, she was met with surprise when one of the nurses claimed that David never resided at the hospital. Walter, a man working for Division 3, kidnapped Amy to question her about David's whereabouts [2].

Alternate reality

In the alternate reality created within David's mind by the Shadow King, Amy was a nurse working at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital. She passive-aggressively patted Sydney Barrett down, despite the latter's vocal dislike at being touched.

During lunch, Amy took David's cherry pie away from him, and prevented Barrett from offering hers to him. Later, she confronted David and expresses her disgust at him, even mimicking the act of vomiting [3].

Powers and abilities

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